Monday , 3 August 2015
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Top 5 Regrettable Mistakes First Time Homebuyers Make

Homebuyers Make

Owning a perfect home is a dream for many. But a home with a tag ‘perfect’ should not just mean that it satisfies your entire requirement but also its purchase and resale (if required in future) should be hassle-free. The hidden things in the process of buying a house make the task more troublesome. It requires a lot of research, ... Read More »

Refinancing Process in Detail

Refinancing Process

Refinancing means that you have a new loan instead of an old one with better terms and conditions expressed in lower interest rate. The difference can be really significant depending on the amount of the borrowed money and the difference of interest rates. And now the interest rates are at their historical minimum, so many people turn to refinancing. For ... Read More »